Surroundings - Upper Middle Rhine Valley

Our Villa Sperlingshof is situated in the heart of World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley in Kreuzberg close to Boppard. From here, you can explore the diversity of the Rhine Valley with its numerous castles and palaces.

Due to the close proximity to the different so called “Traumpfade” (Dream Trails) and “Traumschleifen” (Dream Loops), the “Rheinsteig” and the “Rheinburgenweg” (Rhine Castle Trail) our holiday house is the ideal starting point for country hikes along impressive pathways with a lot of viewpoints. Situated in Boppard, which is a middle-sized town between Koblenz and Mainz, there is an excellent network of cycle tracks for all manner of riverside rides. Of course, Boppard is also an equally good starting point to explore the Middle Rhine Valley by boat.

The region also has a lot to offer culturally. Besides breathtaking fireworks on the Rhine, impressive places of interest and fairs, local winegrowers offer their products from the slopes in their so called “Heckenwirtschaften” and at the local wine festivals. In the year 2029 the complete valley will be joint hosting the so called “Bundesgartenschau” (federal horticultural show).

Villa Sperlingshof is situated in direct vicinity of Grapenhof with its riding school and here there is the possibility to keep your horses in their horse stable.

To provide an overview of up-to-date events and possibilities in the region, you can find some interesting tips for planning your stay below:

Villa Sperlingshof
Auf Kreuz 3
56154 Boppard